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Embroidery Software Floriani Total Control-U Embroidery

Now, you too can have access to the Floriani “family secrets” for creating your own beautiful embroidery. Floriani Embroidery Software is simple enough for a beginner, but with advanced capabilities that are sure to challenge even the most experienced commercial embroiderer — and for thousands less than similar programs. Whether you embroider for fun or for profit… there’s a Floriani Embroidery Software solution that will make your stitches “extraordinary”!

While some are selling a fifth or sixth version of their software ranging from $500 to $1000 or more, there is only ONE embroidery software brand introducing new updates FREE! Floriani…the ONLY embroidery software that has NEVER charged for updates!

FTC-U provides the tools you need to turn your ideas and designs into works of art!

EXCLUSIVE FTC-U Features include:
• Wave Gradient Fill Patterns
• Wave Color Blend Patterns
• Apply Template Layouts to designs
• Apply fabric texture background to design page
• Create Name Drops
• Create Button Hole
• Photo Stitch Wizard
• Add ZigZag, Wave, Twirl, Pinch, and Spherize
• Distortion to objects

• Wave Gradient Fill Patterns
• Wave Color Blend Patterns
• Apply Template Layouts to designs
• Create Name Drops
• Create Button Hole
• Advanced Font upsize warning system
• Enhanced Split Designs
• True Type Text Fonts
• Text on Path
• Single Line Satin Input Method
• Convert Images to Vector Artwork
• Wave Fill Pattern
• Enhanced 11 fonts Closest Point Connect Fonts
• Redwork Tool
• Inside-Out text feature (for caps or jacket back lettering designs)
• Artwork tool (create vector artwork that can be exported or converted into stitches)
• Cross Stitch Tool
• Auto Digitizing Wizard (work with vector and image files)
• Segmented Auto Digitizing for user controlled auto digitizing
• Manual digitizing
• Mulitple stitch types (manual, run, satin, steil, fill, applique, cross stitch)

• Enhanced Save2Sew – automatically adjusts design density, underlay, and compensation based on fabric type selected
• Photo Stitch Wizard
• Add ZigZag, Wave, Twirl, Pinch, and Spherize Distortion to objects
• Enhanced Create custom emboss/fancy fill patterns
• Create Outline Feature
• Color Blending Feature
• Create custom motif patterns
• Design library (drag and drop onto design page)

• Slice Tool for splitting one artwork element into multiple elements
• Optimize Entry/Exit points (automatically rearranges entry/exit points for design optimization)
• Optimize design sequence (automatically rearranges design sewing sequence for optimal sewing sequence)
• Color Sort tool for rearranging a design by color
• Convert between stitch types
• Unlimited redo/undo
• Resize with stitch regeneration
• Alignment tools/functions
• Transform designs/objects
• Re-sequence object in Sequence manager
• Break apart text for additional editing capabilities
• Modify start and end points of design elements
• Modify stitch direction/angles in design elements
• Modify element shape with node editing
• Change density, underlay, underlay settings, compensation, stitch lengths
• Resize, rotate, and distort lettering
• Edit individual stitch points
• Add and Delete individual stitches
• Change node type/properties

• Apply fabric texture background to design page
• Enhanced Adjustable grid settings (lines or dots)
• Ruler – measure design elements
• Fade objects
• Zoom in and out using mouse scroll
• Image fading
• 3D replication of embroidery design
• Customizable software layout
• Slow redraw – simulated stitch sewout
• Floating or docking toolbars
• Custom user-created guidelines
• Select/hide objects
• Select/hide by thread color sequence
• View stitch ends
• View design sequence

Embroidery Formats Supported:
Floriani Files (WAF), Baby Lock/Brother/Bernina (PES), Elna/Janome/Kenmore (SEW), Elna(EMD), Janome/Elna(JEF), Viking/Husqvarna (HUS), Pfaff (PCS), Tajima (DST), Singer/Poem (CSD), Singer (XXX), Melco(EXP), Viking D1 (SHV), Viking/Pfaff (VIP), Viking/Pfaff (VP3)

Image Files Supported:

Vector Artwork Supported:

Minimum System Requirements:
Windows 7
P4 Processor
1GB Hard Drive Space
CD-ROM Drive
800 x 600 Display
Internet Access


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