When you take a class, attend an event, or join a monthly club, you become a member of the McDougal Sewing Center family.  Adding to your knowledge is certainly part of the adventure, but meeting up with fellow creative explorers makes the learning fun. Learning at McDougals is a great way to make friends with people who share your passion, while expanding your skills with our ever-changing selection of information-packed classes and fun-filled events. Our instructors love to turn amateurs into experts and experts into superstars through our wide variety of classes in sewing, embroidery, garments, quilting, machine techniques, and more.

Guide/Usage Classes (Customer Exclusive Gift)

If you have purchased a new machine from us…congratulations!  We are honored that you have placed your confidence in McDougal Sewing Center as your home for learning and creativity. To make the most of your new machine, it is highly encouraged that you attend the “quick start” programs designed to help you get acquainted with your machine. Each session has been developed to gain familiarity with the basic features/functions of your new machine, to get you creating quickly.  If you have purchased an H|CLASS™ E10 or H|CLASS™ E20 and some used or Certified  machines your quick start class will be done by your salesperson in store.  Please see store associate for full details.

These sessions are our gift to you with the purchase of a new machine from McDougal Sewing Center.  Proof of purchase may be required for class entry. These free guide classes are offered to the original purchaser only and are not transferable.We only teach one person per machine, if more than one person bought the machine, we ask only one person take the free guide class and teach the other what they learned.

You must present a sales receipt to take any free class.

Class Policies and Refund policies

All classes require pre-registration and payment (if required) at the time of registration. If you must cancel a class, we kindly ask you to let us know no later than 72 hours prior to the event to qualify for a full refund. If you cancel the class with less than 72 – 24 hours notice, your refund amount will be minus $15 to pay for the time the teacher took to prepare. However, if you cancel with less than 24 hours of the day of class or don’t show for class, there will be no refund or transfer of funds to another class. Some classes may be canceled due to a lack of enrollment. The teacher will contact you about the cancellation and you will receive a full refund of monies paid, when applicable.

All sewing, embroidery machine and serger classes require a machine that is in good working order. Technicians will not be available during the event to troubleshoot or repair machines. Beginning sewing class students may use our classroom machines, subject to availability. Ask for details.

It is always best for you to try to thread your machine and wind the bobbin before coming to class. We always show you how when you purchase your machine so you can go home, take it out of the box and play!

For our software students, please bring your laptop, power cord and software dongle (if necessary) with you to any software classes. If you do not have a laptop, you can follow along with the instructor. Class descriptions are shown on the calendars. Our PC and Mac classes are divided so please make sure you register for the correct class. You must present a sales receipt to take any  free class.

All classes are strictly open to adults, ages 18 and older unless otherwise stated. Requests to attend a class by a student under 18 years old must be made in advance and have instructor approval before registering for class.  Additionally, children under 18 who are not enrolled are not allowed in the classroom during class.

Please be considerate to others while attending a class or event:
If a student is causing a disturbance, we reserve the right to dismiss them from a class or event without refund. Please help us keep our classrooms safe and enjoyable for all who wish to learn.  Because of limited space in some classrooms or some classes, we ask only 1 person per machine. If you need a translator with you for class, please let us know when you sign up for class, via email and an educator will get in touch with you about these arrangements. We also ask you do NOT bring your machines in the box due to limited space. Please use your carry cases or roller bags or hardcovers. Our aim is to provide a welcoming, learning environment for all our McDougal customers.

McDougal Sewing “Know How” Academy

Learn how to use your home sewing and/or embroidery machine with our experienced staff on a personal basis. If you have a machine that was not purchased at McDougal Sewing and want to learn the basics on how to use your machine, we can help you.  This is not a class to learn how to sew, but how to use your machine and does not include commercial units or multi needle machines. All classes are only done at our Main Store at 20141 Park Row Dr. in Katy.

We will cover machine navigation (where is that stitch!), TNT (threading, needles, tension adjustment), and equip you to use the basic functions of your machine. The goal is to provide you with the information and knowledge needed to get the most from your new machine.

Your machine must be under 20 years old and in good working order.  Only one machine is taught at a time. All fabric and thread will be provided by McDougal Sewing. Supply list will be emailed to you after class is scheduled. This class is for those 18 years and older.

Class fee is a non-refundable $60.00 per hour, per person. If you have a group of 4+ people, we can do a 2-hour class for $49.00 per person.

These classes are scheduled directly with the teacher, so we can be more flexible in our scheduling. There are no refunds given for these private sessions, so make sure you schedule a time that you can attend. Payment will be made with a credit card in person or over the phone when the class is scheduled. No payments the day of class. There is no auditing of these private sessions.

Please contact Rebecca Joseph directly if interested at [email protected] for details and scheduling.


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